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I have 30 years experience in telling stories for radio and web. I began my training with the BBC, taught journalism in Eastern Europe and I’ve been a reporter, news editor and manager in both the commercial and public media worlds. Now my work is heard on NPR’s Here & Now, American Public Media’s Marketplace and on local stations throughout the country.


Do you wish your web content or your newsletter had that professional polish? Do you need copy editing or fact checking services? Ready to script a story but not quite sure how to shape it? I can help.


Make your podcast stand out with top quality writing and sound editing. Mix in music or natural sound to lift your presentation. Get advice on content, length and story arc. I offer a full range of podcasting services.


Need voice training, advice on interviewing, field recording and scriptwriting, or just general career mentorship? Whatever your needs, get in touch and see how I can help you take your work to the next level.

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